As with any business venture there are risks. A Coffee Rental Franchise is subject to a number of risks and you should carefully consider these risks before proceeding.

It is important you seek professional financial advice from an accountant or financial advisor to verify the benefits of this business based on your personal circumstances.

We will gladly respond to any enquiry you make and are available to meet up with potential franchisees who are considering a CAFÉLAVISTA franchise offering.

The CAFÉLAVISTA Franchise proposition is intended to be open and transparent and fairly set out the potential rewards but also set out the normal business risks that you would expect to see in any business investment. The CAFÉLAVISTA Franchise opportunity is particularly suitable for sophisticated and high net worth individuals.

Our business model, like any other business is exposed to business risks. We have highlighted in our website certain risks incurred in the course of our business transactions. Highlighted risks are not conclusive based on the model of our business as there is a chance several potential risks are not yet known at this time.

Below are specific inconclusive risks involved while investing in a franchise under the CAFÉLAVISTA brand. They are the kind of risks that can relate to a CAFÉLAVISTA Coffee Rental Franchise which operate in the coffee vending marketplace.

Competition with respect to price, service, location and drink quality;

Changes in demographic trends, customer traffic patterns and the type number and location of competing sites;

Health pandemics could cause customer apathy or business closure. 

Health concerns and litigation in relation to health issues;

Changes in government legislation and regulations affecting those operating in the serviced drink industry and their staff; and

Changing general economic conditions and changes in consumer confidence, disposable income and discretionary spending patterns.

The above are few samples of factors that may be detrimental to a franchise operation.

It is important to note that CAFÉLAVISTA Coffee Rental Franchise may not be suitable for all persons. Accordingly, advice should be sought from an appropriate advisor before making a decision to invest in a CAFÉLAVISTA franchise.