Compact Design & Flexibility

Our Piccola coffee stations have been specifically designed to fit into smaller retail spaces. With both plumbed and un-plumbed options making them easy to site and set up! There is also plenty of storage for ingredients.


The Piccola coffee machine creates fresh bean to cup coffee.
Customers can enjoy barista quality espresso, creamy latte, cappuccino, americano and indulgent hot chocolate!

Drink customisation & Preparation

The Piccola station has a dedicated condiments area and preparation work top allowing customers to customise their drinks once they have vended by adding syrups and sugars.

Effective Marketing

Our branded Piccola coffee station promotes our brand and helps increases sales. We also provide POS marketing materials to promote the CAFÉLAVISTA brand inside and outside your business premises.

PICCOLA Drink Options

From The classic ESPRESSO To The Modern CORTADO we have Tried And Tested Our coffee range.
All Our drinks are of Barista Quality, Selected by coffee lovers for coffee lovers!

Café Latte

Our roasted beans with layered milk produce a silky smooth Latte


Full flavoured, topped with a creamy froth

White Coffee

Simply espresso with milk


Bold and robust, Artisan coffee for the purists


A blend of medium roast beans with creamy hot chocolate

Caramel Latte

A silky smooth Latte with a delicious shot of caramel syrup

Hot Chocolate

Delicious hot chocolate with added milk for a rich and creamy taste

Vanilla Latte

A silky smooth Latte with a delicious shot of vanilla syrup

We are always creating new drink options inline with seasonal promotions!