Get your staff back to the office with a CAFÉLAVISTA Bean to Cup Office Coffee Machine! Boost morale and productivity by offering barista quality drinks, all at a fraction of the cost of high street retailers. CAFÉLAVISTA Coffee machines use a unique blend of ethically sourced, freshly roasted coffee beans, that will keep your staff happy, focused and engaged!

Revorec Recruitment Solutions
Sebastian Petitti - CAFÉLAVISTA Office Partner

“Because we've got the convenience of good quality coffee, it keeps us happy, with staff wanting to stay in the office and be more productive. It's a great benefit, with a similar price to the amount of money we were spending on instant coffee and milk!"


Today's office staff and clients expect premium coffee drinks in the workplace. High street coffee retailers have raised the bar; and therefore consumers now look for quality brands and settle for nothing less.

CAFÉLAVISTA now brings this expectation into the workplace with a fully branded bean to cup coffee solution. Staff can now enjoy barista quality coffee at the touch of a button with up to 8+ drink options! Clients and visitors will also be impressed with the great taste of CAFÉLAVISTA coffee.

Build trust with new and existing customers by welcoming them to your business with fresh hot drinks! CAFÉLAVISTA can help you seal the deal with our easy to use bean to cup office coffee machines.

bean to cup office coffee machine

Walls & Ceilings International Ltd - Redditch
Paul Hancox - CAFÉLAVISTA Office Partner

“We are given a marketing budget every year so we used that to fund the coffee machine, if you've got high margin products to sell and it only costs 25p to make a CAFÉLAVISTA coffee the marketing cost is minimal"

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CAFÉLAVISTA provides offices with a recognised branded coffee solution, providing staff and clients with delicious fresh been to cup coffee! Our online store makes it easy to order CAFÉLAVISTA coffee beans, milk, hot chocolate and sundries such as sugar and syrups.

Contact us today to find out how you can get an affordable CAFÉLAVISTA bean to cup coffee machine for your office or workplace!