Generate A Great Coffee Van Profit Margin With CAFÉLAVISTA!

CAFÉLAVISTA has helped numerous businesses throughout the UK maximise profit margins with their range of Coffee 2 Go machines and products.

It seems today you can’t walk down a high street without seeing a cup of takeaway coffee. With more and more UK consumers choosing fresh bean to cup coffee to take away, entrepreneurs are now setting up coffee vans as full time businesses, taking advantage of a huge coffee van profit margin and the flexibility that a coffee van offers! In fact, a coffee van in its second and third year of business can expect a turnover of £80,000 and £100,000. In this article, we explore the potential coffee van profit margin and how lucrative the coffee van industry is!

coffee van profit margin

Here are some key points:

Waht is a Coffee Van Profit Margin?

Coffee vans can vary in the amount of margin they make on coffee. For some the profit margin made from a coffee Van can vary from 10% to 15%. The cost of equipment, staffing, location fees and ingredient expenses dictate how much profit a coffee van can make.

Some Coffee Van’s are able to earn a larger profit margin by utilising smart technology. Using cashless technology with a self service system can dramatically speed up service and has an impact on the coffee van profit margin.

A Cafélavista Bean to Cup coffee machine requires no training whatsoever, plus they are able to be installed quickly and produce a wide range of fresh coffees with a simple press of a button. The ingredient cost of a cup of Cafélavista coffee sits at around 40 pence per cup. Retailing at £3.00 a cup offers a Coffee Van Profit Margin of 86% or £2.60!


How much is a coffee machine for a coffee van and how does it affect the profit margin?

coffee machine for mobile van

Did you know you can cover the cost of your own Cafélavista Coffee machine from the sale of just 4 coffees? If you are earning £2.60 on each cup of coffee sold at a RRP of £3.00 you can quickly see how impactful the right type of coffee machine can have on the profit margin of a coffee van.

How to boost a coffee van profit margin with a bean-to-cup machine

As mentioned above, the right type of coffee machine can have a big impact on a coffee van profit margin. Not only can a Cafélavista Coffee machine offer brilliant profit margins on each cup, but it can also dramatically speed up service and eradicate expensive lengthy training.

Cafélavista coffee machines require no training whatsoever. Once installed the machine requires the press of a single button to express a wide range of coffees. So why does this help a coffee van profit margin? While a Cafélavista coffee machine prepares your customers hot beverages, you or your staff are able to complete other tasks, such as taking payment, and upselling other products such as hot food or baked goods. This greatly reduces the time needed for each customer and allows you to boost a quick and efficient service, something that will bring customers back to you and boost your overall coffee van profit margin.

coffee machine for catering van

Coffee Van profit margin | Conclusion 

Whichever way you look at it, the Coffee Van profit margin potential is massive and very enticing for anyone looking to capitalise on the estimated £3 Billion UK coffee industry.

Choosing the right coffee machine that delivers a substantial Coffee Van profit margin, saves time and money could be the key to ensuring you are making the most out of your business.

If you would like to find out how you could have your own Cafélavista Bean-2-Cup coffee machine that covers the costs from just 4 coffees, contact us today and we’ll even arrange a free tasting session at your convenience!