Get A Coffee Machine for The Office for Less Than 2 Takeaway Coffees a Day!

CAFÉLAVISTA offers affordable Coffee Machines for Offices throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Find out how affordable a coffee machine for your office is and arrange a free tasting session by filling out the form here.

Installing a new coffee machine for the office can be great tool to motivate and inspire your workforce. Not only can a new office coffee machine save hundreds or even thousands of pounds for your employees, they are also be fantastic time savers, keeping staff in the office motivated. Choosing the right coffee machine for your office shouldn't cost a fortune, and in this article we'll explain how our
bean to cup office coffee machines could cost as little as two takeaway coffees! 

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Can you lease a coffee machine for the office?

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Leasing is most often the desired option for taking on a new coffee machine for the office. Coffee machines have many moving parts, and require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns. Although some offices will choose to purchase a coffee machine for their office, those that are eligible will often take out a lease rental package that includes full maintenance and breakdown cover for the entirety of the lease contract.

This peace of mind means offices with coffee machines are able to relax, knowing their product is fully covered for any eventuality while receiving regular serving to ensure every great tasting cup of coffee tastes the same as the last one. If you would like to find out more about Cafélavista servicing and breakdown covers, click the link here.

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How expensive is it to lease a coffee machine for the office?

Did you know that a Cafélavista Coffee Machine for the Office can cost as little as two regular high street take away coffees? In fact, not only can a leasing option offer fantastic savings compared to other office coffee machine options, the ingredient cost can be offset as well.

Ingredient costs usually cost less than 40p per cup of coffee, and these can be easily passed onto your employees by utilising a card reader with your coffee machine for the office. With high street coffee's costing upwards of £3.00, a small fee is the perfect way to balance the cost of a coffee machine for the office and provide a much appreciated perk at your office.

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What happens if my Office coffee machine breaks down?

When you take out a Cafélavista Coffee Machine for Office Lease, you're not just taking on a coffee machine but a team of customer support staff, engineers and technicians to support you through the contract of your machine.

Our Coffee Machine for Offices are built to the highest quality and are designed for heavy office based use. Just like any product, you need feel secure that should an issue occur, you are able to reach qualified help quickly. Often most issues are minor and can fortunately be fixed quickly over the phone. Our experienced team at Cafélavista will take you through some general trouble shooting questions to help diagnose minor issues you may have with your Office Coffee Machine.

If we can't help resolve your Coffee Machine for Office issue, our next step is to send one of our dedicated engineers out to your office. Our team like to carry a spare machine in the back of their van, so if your machine is required to return to the warehouse, you won't have to go without. Fanatical customer care and service are very important to us and our customers.

Can I try the coffee before taking a coffee machine for my office?

Yes you can! Cafélavista have a range of coffee machines for office solutions that are available to sample at their head office. Additionally we can also come to your own office or place of work to demonstrate the wide and varied range of delicious coffee from our coffee machine for offices.

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A free tasting session can be great to gage your employees reaction and thoughts on a potentially new coffee machine for the office. Our representatives are able to offer the full range of coffee beverages, including popular cappuccinos, creamy lattes, aromatic espressos and americanos and even hot chocolates for those looking for a sweeter beverage.

If you would like to arrange a free tasting session for a Cafélavista Coffee Machine for the Office, please fill out the form here and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.