Wake up and smell the coffee!

CAFÉLAVISTA is a dynamic company in the food and beverage space, with a team who have a combined 30+ years experience in the franchise and food and beverage industry.

We’re a rapidly expanding business founded on solid experience but with an innovative approach. Currently we have 2 opportunities available to get involved in this exciting Coffee to go market:

Cafelavista Mixes Ingredients

Did you Know?

The UK coffee shop market is rapidly growing. After 18 years of considerable sustained growth, this market is one of the most successful in the UK and world economies.
The total UK coffee market is estimated at over 23,000 outlets and UK consumers spend 8.9 billion every year on coffee, with 37% sold from unattended drinks machines.
The UK branded coffee market is expected to grow at 6% compound annual growth rate by 2021, with sales forecast to grow by 12% and to exceed 6 billion.The UK drinks over 17 million cups of coffee a day.


From The classic ESPRESSO To The Modern CORTADO we have Tried And Tested Our coffee range.
All Our drinks are of Barista Quality, Selected by coffee lovers for coffee lovers!

Café Latte

Medium roasted beans produce a silky smooth Latte


Full flavoured, topped with a creamy froth

White Coffee

Simply espresso with milk


Bold and robust, Artisan coffee for the purists


A blend of medium roast beans with creamy hot chocolate


A silky smooth Latte with a delicious shot of caramel syrup


Delicious hot chocolate with added milk for a rich and creamy taste


A silky smooth Latte with a delicious shot of vanilla syrup

We are always creating new drink options inline with seasonal promotions!